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RingLock Scaffolding System Of Double And Truss Ledgers

RingLock Scaffolding System Of Double And Truss Ledgers

Double ledger / Truss ledger ringlock scaffold are horizontal members of Ringlock scaffolding that allow for increased load carrying capacities not possible with single tube or regular duty ledgers. They provide increased horizontal support for loads and planks.
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Ringlock Scaffolding Truss Ledger and Reinforce ledger is made by OD48.3x3.0/3.2mm steel tube with ledger ends and wedge pins at both ends to connect ringlock standard rosette rings. 
The Truss ledge can be in different size according to ledger sizes and construction scaffolding and formwork design in 2.13mtr(7'), 3.05m(10'), 4.26m(14'), 5.17m(17').


Ring scaffolding double ledger

Material: Q235 or Q345

Finished: Hot DIP galvanized

Tube size: 48.3mm with 3.2mm thickness

Size of tube48.3*3.2mm
MaterialQ235/q345 high strength steel
packagein steel pallets,in bundle,in bulk
deliveryas per your requirements
other componentsledger,vertical,diagonal brace,ladder,base jack etc.


DescriptionBay LengthWeight
InchesMetersLb Kg
5'-2" Truss Ledger621.5727.312.4
6'-9" Truss Ledger812.0737.917.2
7' Truss Ledger842.1335.516.1
8' Truss Ledger962.4438.117.3
8'-6" Truss Ledger1022.5742.119.1
10' Truss Ledger1203.0546.721.2
10'-1" Truss Ledger1213.0755.125
12' Truss Ledger1443.6656.825.8

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