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Green Buildings | Antai Offer Jinyubinjiang Vanke Project With Complete Sets Of Aluminum Formwork
Oct 19, 2018

Lately, Antai provided complete sets of aluminum formwork for Jinyubinjiang Vanke project in Jinjaing, Quanzhou, a city in southeast of China. This project includes high-rise compound buildings with alu-wood construction. Antai offered aluminum formwork for B tower and C tower of No.1, No.3 and No.4 building with total construction area of 8820.


Antai aluminum formwork was pre-assembly in factory to ensure the quality and accuracy of whole system. Antai has its own factory with 15000pre-assembly areathat allow for pre-assembling and testing formworks in a short term. Meanwhile, Antai has capacity to produce 8000 aluminum formwork within 25 days and can guarantee shipping time.


As the construction industry is advancing toward green environmental protection, the provision of low-emission, low-loss, automated, lightweight-type formwork products for green construction will be the trend of China's formwork industry. Among the  new-material formworks, aluminum formwork is becoming  one of the best for its unique advantages compared with the traditional wood formwork. Antai aluminum formwork has high quality and provides full service, being your best choice.

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