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Application Of Antai Aluminum Formwork System On Construction Site
Jan 31, 2018

Application of Antai aluminum formwork system on construction site

Aluminum formwork system is the fourth generation template of building after going through wooden template, steel template, plastic template. With the continuous promotion of the urbanization market and the national advocacy and request of green building, the aluminum formwork system is gradually gaining popularity, its been adopted in the coastal areas of Guangdong and other regions. China Vanke, the largest real estate builder in China, has taken the lead in creating "safe, civilized, high-quality" building construction demonstration project by using aluminum formwork.


Antai aluminum formwork system is designed standardized, modular ,systematic by professional staff through computer-aided and then in accordance with the working drawings required templates in the factory to complete the pre-assembled in the factory so as to assemble easily on  construction site.

Lets see the Antai aluminum formwork in Wangguocheng project:


Antai aluminum template

Construction site buildings

Aluminum formwork system is light-weight, easy to operate, short construction period, only 4-5 days / floor; No construction waste.

Aluminum formwork system China

Plumbing laying

aluminum template beam panel

Beam panel

Antai aluminum template staircase

Look forward to Antai more project information ~

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