Why choose Antai aluminum formwork? The advantages of aluminum formwork
Nov 09, 2018

Antai aluminum formwork is made of high strength extrusion aluminum , compared with steel formwork, allows a large but lightweight panels. Our formwork will not only achieve better concrete finishing but also allow a faster construction.

Quality Improvement

As our aluminum formwork allows an average of 4~7 days cycle, it considerably reduces the construction period. Reducing construction period will directly reduce the construction cost. Furthermore, non-structural wall can also be done with our aluminum formwork which will reduce labour time and cost.

▼Antai owns extrusion factory that can control quality from the source.


▼Average weight about 23- 27 KG/M2, only a single worker could move the Aluminum formwork easily


Cost Reducer

Antai Aluminum Formwork system allows a single pour of wall, beam, column, slab and staircases. Furthermore, our prop-head system will allow to dismantle the slab panels without removing the props. Thus, 4~7 days cycle is no longer a dream but a reality.


▼Antai aluminum formwork is a kind of early-stripping system


Time Saver


Compared with the conventional method, our formwork system will allow a large working area for jobsite workers (fewer props). Furthermore, through the supply of external working platform, jobsite workers will feel much safer and increase their efficiency.


▼The comparison among aluminum, Euro and plywood formwork.


Safety Provider


One of the best advantages of the aluminum formwork is repetition. While the conventional formwork must be thrown away after 5~10 repetitions and steel formwork after a maximum repetition of 50, the aluminum panels can last for over 300 repetitions. Furthermore, after 300 repetitions, the panels can be recycled. Thus, no harm is created to the environment and produce less site wastages.

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