Use of Aluminum Extrusion in Diverse Industries
Nov 23, 2018

In addition to the ready workability and substantial strength of aluminum, there are many other traits that offer benefits in various industries:

   1: High conductivity of heat and electricity opens many doors for aluminum extrusion products. The efficient transfer of heat makes aluminum a favorite for use in condenser tubes, radiators and air conditioners in the automobile industry, and in nuclear reactors.  It also promotes the use of aluminum extrusion products in the heating and cooling devices of mainframe computers, electronics, audio and video systems as well as in thawing units for the pharmaceutical industry.

   2: With its low weight to high strength ratio, aluminum extrusions are ideal for manufacturing aircrafts, cars, boats, subways, railway coaches, and trucks. This includes panels, cylinder heads, engine blocks, transmission houses, and chassis. This same light yet strong characteristic makes aluminum an optimal choice for manufacturing spacecraft bodies and parts.

    3: Because aluminum is corrosion resistant, it can be used in mining to transport and dispose of mined materials and waste using tubing created with aluminum extrusion.  This rust resistant property also makes it suitable for military armaments.

   4: Aluminum tubing is used to house braided coaxial cables and wires, due to its non-magnetic properties.

   Additionally, aluminum can be repeatedly recycled while maintaining its structural integrity and is abundantly available in nature. Aluminum extrusion is becoming the most viable solution to meet the specific manufacturing needs of design flexibility, cost savings, and product performance.

   Antai owns two large aluminum profile production bases in Zhangzhou, Fujian, covering a total area of 213,333 square meters with production of 50,000 tons of aluminum profiles annually. Antai integrates various resources to successfully carry out the three major businesses: solar mounting system, Solar plant EPC service and aluminum formwork system.

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