How to ensure the qualification of aluminum formwork construction?
Nov 30, 2018

1.    Protection:

Protect the finished products before packaging to prevent possible damage and pollution. For example, the door is in the easy-to-touch part of the cart, and the height of the trolley axle is nailed.


2. Packaging of purchased materials:

Pick up suitable materials to prevent the quality of goods from being damaged during handling, storage and delivery. The purchasing unit should clarify the material packaging requirements to the supplier when ordering. Packaging and marking materials shouldn’t affect the quality of the materials. For the packing and packaging materials, keep the materials relatively stable in the box, have the packing list and the corresponding technical documents, the outside of the packaging must have obvious product identification and protection (such as rain, fragile, dumping, placement direction, etc.) .


3. Coverage:

Coverage protection measures are mainly taken for the finished products on the floor to prevent damage to the finished products. Cover with wooden boards, air-filling plates to prevent the operator from stepping on the object and bumping on the object; the high-grade floor is covered with crepe or cotton felt. Other projects that require sun protection and thermal insulation should also be covered by appropriate measures.


4. Closed:

For the stair ground project, it can be temporarily closed after stairway being construction. It will be opened after the strength of the upper body and protective measures are taken. After the decoration works in the indoor wall, ceiling, floor and other rooms, it should be locked immediately.

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