Problems in personnel management during aluminum formwork construction and solutions
Jan 30, 2019


1. The installation workers did not install the template according to the design drawings. The templates in each area were mixed, and the materials were randomly placed during the demoulding, resulting in chaotic template management and missing templates in some areas.

2. Savage construction, using the crowbar, hammer and other strong knocking during the installation, the protection of the aluminum alloy formwork is not strong, resulting in deformation of the aluminum formwork, affecting the cycle life of the aluminum mold, assembling effect and concrete pouring quality.

3. The working hours of the aluminum mold technical instructors are inconsistent with the workers. In the construction process, the on-site installation workers can not fully follow the requirements and suggestions of professional and technical personnel, resulting in slower installation of aluminum molds, and the on-site problems cannot be resolved in time, which affects the construction progress.


1. Strengthen the education of the team leader and workers, and carry out the aluminum mold assembly in strict accordance with the uniform number of the aluminum mold design drawings. At the same time, the mold removal materials are cleaned and stacked in the corresponding households in time.

2. Strengthen on-site control, formulate corresponding management measures, and timely repair damaged templates.

3. Unify the schedule of work and rest, require aluminum mold manufacturers to assign technical personnel to guide, in case of timely reflection of problems, today is today.

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