How to improve the safety of aluminum formwork construction?
Dec 07, 2018

1. Workers participating in the construction of the formwork must be provided with technical training and safety education to understand the construction characteristics of the project template, the relevant provisions of the familiarity and specification, and the safety technical operation procedures of this post, and pass the assessment before being able to work. The main construction personnel should be relatively fixed.

2. The formwork construction must be equipped with quality inspectors with safety technical knowledge and familiarity with specifications.

3. Construction work in strict accordance with the operating procedures.

4. The formwork construction workers should regularly check the doctor's diagnosis of any high blood pressure, heart disease, anemia, epilepsy and other unsuitable aerial work diseases.

5. When the formwork is removed, it should be detached and removed from one end to the other.

6, the formwork isolating agent should be full brush template.

7. When the formwork is removed, the strength of the floor slab must reach C15.

8. The beam bottom support must be removed when the strength of the beam reaches 100% of the design strength.

9. It is strictly forbidden to remove the beam top support together with the beam formwork.

10. At least two people must be installed in a double installation when installing the formwork.

11. Strictly install the formwork sequence to prevent the formwork from being hurt.

12. When the formwork is removed, it should be placed gently and neatly to prevent the formwork from being deformed.

Antai Aluminum formwork has a professional after-sales service system that provides on-site guidance to enable customers to safely construct and avoid unnecessary losses.

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