Corrosion Resistance of Industrial Aluminum Profiles
Dec 14, 2018

At present, aluminium alloy products in the market have been widely used in doors, windows, curtain walls, pallets and other products of buildings for many years because of their small proportion, easy processing and high mechanical strength. Aluminum is a relatively active light metal with silver-white luster.


Its corrosion resistance has the following two characteristics:


1. The higher the purity, the better the corrosion resistance. The main reason is that pure aluminium acts with oxygen in the air and produces a thin layer of dense natural oxide film on the surface of aluminium, which is faster and thicker than other metal oxide films, thus preventing further corrosion of oxygen and water in the air and playing a protective role.


2. Aluminum alloy has high mechanical strength, but slightly weak corrosion resistance. Pure aluminium has good corrosion resistance, but its mechanical strength is poor, which restricts its application to a certain extent. Therefore, people add appropriate amount of magnesium, copper, zinc and other metals into aluminium to make various types of aluminium alloy. The mechanical strength of aluminium alloy is greatly improved and its application scope is greatly expanded, but its corrosion resistance is worse than pure aluminum, so it is possible to be corroded by oxidation.


Therefore, aluminium profiles generally need surface treatment before they can be put into use. Generally, industrial aluminium profiles are treated by anodic oxidation, and architectural aluminium profiles are treated by surface spraying, electrophoresis and wood grain transfer. Anodic oxidation treatment is to immerse industrial aluminium profiles in acid-based solution and direct current, so as to form a dense artificial oxide film on the surface. The thickness of oxide film can be controlled by the duration of electrification.


Antai has a complete surface treatment line, which can achieve surface treatment effects such as spraying, electrophoresis, oxidation, wood grain transfer printing that not only prolongs the service life of aluminium profiles, but also meets the aesthetic requirements.

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