Antai provided aluminum formwork for a high difficulty aluminum-wood combination project
Dec 14, 2018

Recently, Antai provided aluminum formwork for Vanke Jinyubinjiang project which belongs to high-rise residential building, which has large span, high floor and large load compared to ordinary buildings. It’ s reported that this project is located in Quanzhou, China, and Antai offered aluminum formwork to 4 residential buildings with 40F of 2500 construction area each. Aluminum formwork support system is not suitable for large-span structure construction, so the project adopts a more difficult aluminum-wood composite structure.


The core tube of the building is constructed with aluminum formwork, which saves the investment of the project's turnover materials. The aluminum formwork system can be transferred to other projects in the later stage, and the cost of the later plastering can be reduced. Because some of the beams and the top plate are made of aluminum and wood, it is easy to split due to the improper treatment. Antai strengthens the connection of aluminum formwork and grasps the quality to make the project go smoothly.


The construction of the aluminum-wood combined system fully improves the utilization rate of the aluminum formwork and reduces the use of the wood formwork. Through the large-area construction process using aluminum and wood combined, the molding quality of concrete is fully improved.


Partial beam and roof aluminum and wood combination


Reinforcement of Aluminum Formwork Connection


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