Aluminum formwork removal requirements
Dec 29, 2018

General principles for aluminum formwork removal:

1. The order of formwork removal is opposite to the installation sequence. The principle of pre-installation, post-assembly and disassembly should be followed. Firstly, the non-bearing formwork should be dismantled. Then the load-bearing formwork should be dismantled. After the vertical wall formwork is removed, the cross-wall formwork should be removed first.


2. When the horizontal formwork is removed, the necessary maintenance support (early-stripping aluminum formwork) should be retained according to the template design requirements, and should not be removed at will.

3. When dismantling the large-span beam-slab mold, it is advisable to start from the middle of the span and separately to the ends. When there is a local adsorption or bonding formwork, the crowbar can be loosened at the lower joint of it. It is forbidden to tap the formwork.


 4. The dismantling of the multi-slab slab formwork pillars shall be carried out according to the following requirements: when the upper slab is being watered, the pillars of the next slab formwork shall not be removed.

 5. After removing all kinds of formwork, the concrete residue of the panel should be removed in time.

 6. The aluminum formwork and supporting materials after dismantling should be stacked according to a certain position and order, so as to ensure the use of the upper and lower sides.

 7. It is strictly necessary to demolish the mold according to the requirements stipulated by the regulations. It is strictly forbidden to demolish the mold in advance for the construction period and material saving.

 8. The side formwork can be removed only when the strength of the concrete can ensure that the surface and edges of the concrete are not damaged by the removal of the formwork. The concrete strength of the wall column is required to be 1.2 MPa before the project can be removed.

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