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Aluminum Formwork

Qualified Aluminum Formwork System Wall Panels

Qualified Aluminum Formwork System Wall Panels

“Aluminum Formwork System” equipment for a typical project/building would consist of several thousand individual pieces of aluminum sections which will be connected and assemble together and produce as a complete “mould” for concrete pouring to cast the various structural components of the building.
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Aluminium Formwork System is a construction system for forming cast in place concrete structure of a building. It is also a system for scheduling and controlling the work of other construction trades such as steel reinforcement, concrete

placement and mechanical an electrical conduits.


The System is fast, simple, adaptable and very cost effective. It is unique because it forms all of the concrete in a building including walls,floor slabs, columns, beams, stairs, window hoods, balconies and various decorative features in exact accordance with the architects' design. The dimensional accuracy of the concreted work also results in consistent fittings of doors and windows. The smooth-off form finish of the concrete eliminates the need for costly plastering.

Advantange of use Aluminum Formwork System

High quality and stable property 

Aluminum formwork system is assembled with high strength 

Aluminum finish .Compare with the conventional formwork , it 

can make accurate horizontal and vertical structure and integral 

and smooth finishing of wall


Simple assembly without any machine

As the assembly is simple and light , labour who has gotten short time traincan achieve the assembly and disassembly without any machine .


Fast completion

Unsurpassed constructionn speed can be achieved due to light weight of forms ,as a result , it takes 4 to 5 days cycle for floor-to

-floor construction.


Reduced construction costs

Aluminum formwork can be re-used for more than 300 times and recycled .


Safety problems solution 

Because Aluminum formwork system is assemnled with 

incombustible metal,workers can safety work on it .


Environment problem solution 

There is less rubbish left and construction waste because 

Aluminum panels are recyclable . Installation distance is wider 

which provides a safety space for workers. 


Standardize modularize systematic preparation 

Before construction , panels design and combination simulation 

will be done by technical designers using suitable software to 

guarantees the most efficient and non-mistake construction 



Easily load 

Workers can easily load the ligth panels though the loading hole .


Simple assembly and management 

Workers can assemble and disassemble rapidly with the help of

the encoded panel . 



Using Aluminum formwork system can save trees and it's much

cleaner with benefits both in terms of worker conditions and the

elimination of rubbish and waste.


Components of Aluminum Formwork System



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