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Aluminum Formwork

Green Formwork Aluminium Slab Formwork For No Beam Or Less Beam Structure

Green Formwork Aluminium Slab Formwork For No Beam Or Less Beam Structure

Aluminum Panels are a framework of extruded aluminum sections with welding to aluminum sheet. It makes a panel lightweight with best stiffness. Each panel can be made in standard sizes as well as non standard sizes to suit the requirement of design. The panels are product of high quality aluminum alloy. The thickness of the panel is a 4mm, on a framework of specially designed extruded sections & duly welded.
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Basic Information 

 Place of Origin

Fujian, China (Mainland)

 Brand Name


 Model Number


 Aluminum Series  Model

 6061-T6(GB5237-2008  stand)

 Surface Treatment

 Hot light body


Concrete Construction

 Weight per square  aluminized

 20-28kg(Standards  formwork)


 One-time  Pouring, Over  200 times to  reuses



 Standard Formwork  Length


 Aluminum  thickness



Reinforcement  system

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Advantages of Antai aluminium formwork system

Speed: Repetitive erection and striking of panels will greatly increase the efficiency of even non-skill workers thereby ensuring the target or even an earlier completion of the concrete building structure.

Quality: Precision in fabricated formwork panels will ensure the dimensions of cast concrete are exact to architect’s design. Simultaneous concreting of wall and floor slabs gives no weak joints. Doors and windows are cast in exact position to allow frames to be directly installed requiring minimal re-sizing The smooth surface of concrete wall requires little or no plastering before tiling or painting.

Cost Effectiveness:Light weight formwork panels weighing 25kg/m2 require no heavy lifting equipment such as tower cranes or hoists. Less skill workers, accurate dimensions, short construction cycle, resalable or reusable value of panels are the many contributing factors, directly or indirectly, to effective cost savings.

Environment Friendliness: Aluminium panels are durable and are warranted for over 200 reuses after which they can be scrapped with resale value at market price or recycled for making other non-structural products. Most importantly, the use of aluminium will eliminate the threat of deforestation which contributes to the global warming.

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