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Aluminum Formwork

Construction Aluminum Formwork

Construction Aluminum Formwork

Possessing well organized manufacturing infrastructure and distribution network, we offer an assorted range of Aluminum Form Work to cater for huge industrial demand.This Aluminum Pattern Work is exclusively designed by the team of skilled professionals and efficient workers of the industry. In addition to these works at most affordable rates.
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Construction Aluminum Formwork

Aluminum formwork is designed to suit your project using the most economical assortment of panel sizes. Preliminary schemes and building layouts can be developed as an initial step to assessing commercial viability. Outline budget costing exercises are regularly performed as a means of confirming our competitiveness.

Aluminum Formwork is manufactured to very high tolerances, giving high quality formwork components that ensure consistency of dimensions. On removal of the formwork mould, a high quality concrete finish is produced to accurate tolerances and verticality. The high tensile steel wall ties ensure wall thickness are maintained with accuracy and also prevent bulging. Also rigid aluminium alloy ensures perfect right angle joints between walls, walls and slab and door or window openings. The high tolerance of finish means that no further plastering is required, typically a 4-5mm skim coat is applied internally to walls prior to finishing and a good quality textured paint application is applied to the external surface.

Aluminum Formwork System is the latest international technique used world-wide.

Festures of Aluminium form work

1. High Durability: The durability of complete concrete structure is far more than conventional brick masonry
2. High Efficiency: Lesser number of joints thereby reducing the leakages, cracks and thus enhancing the durability.

3. High End Finishing: Integrated and smooth finishing of walls and slabs can be achieved on both sides of the walls.
4. Uniform Quality: Uniform grade of concrete is used and quality is maintained with the help of reinforced bars instead of local Bricks.
5. Less Maintenance: Strong built-up concrete structure needs no maintenance even for consumer.
6. Faster Completion: Fast Construction time bounds projects are achieved with the help of this system.
7. Saving Human Labour: More cost savings is achieved as no labour is required for plaster work, for Out Side Shuttering and Brick work. Lesser the human force more is the efficiency in
8. Eco Friendly:Aluminum Formwork System is more eco-friendly as compare to old technique.

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