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Aluminum Formwork

Building Aluminum Formwork System Materials

Building Aluminum Formwork System Materials

We offer Aluminum Form work that provides solutions for swift construction on all types of architectural designs. Our comprehensive system constitutes the concrete structure in entirety. These are tailor made to suit the specific requirements of our esteemed clients.
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1. Product Description:

Cost effective aluminum formwork is the result of years of efforts. Antai has consistently dedicated to products researching, developing and testing. It allows for monolithic pouring of all walls, slabs and stair cases to suit any housing project. Early striking aluminum formwork's inherent simplicity is what makes the Antai EasyForm an efficient, safe and cost effective alternative to extremely heavy steel forms. It can be either fully built by hands or,after being completely assembled, with cranes. Comparing to timber forms, Antai easyform can increase the jobsite efficiency by 1 /3 to 1 /2.

2. Product Parameters:

1) Product Name:  Antai Aluminum formwork(EasyForm)

2) Material:  Aluminum 6061-T6 

3) Size:  Variety of sizes according to project drawing

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Basic Information 

 Place of Origin

Fujian, China (Mainland)

 Brand Name


 Model Number


 Aluminum Series  Model

 6061-T6(GB5237-2008  stand)

 Surface Treatment

 Hot light body


Concrete Construction

 Weight per square  aluminized

 20-28kg(Standards  formwork)


 One-time  Pouring, Over  200 times to  reuses



 Standard Formwork  Length


 Aluminum  thickness



Reinforcement  system

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Service Description:

Feature1. Improve Concrete quality

High quality for Concrete side

Precise size of vertical and horizontal by unification of the formworks

Reduce finish work by less forms joints

High Concrete strength by one time concrete pouring


Feature 2. Economic competitiveness in reinforced concrete work

Vertical & horizontal reinforcement at the rear side of existing form and rectangular wood for fixing on the ground are not required.

Reduction of work processes when building a form.

Reduction of work hours due to easy assembly, dismantlement and handling. (3 to 5 days for one floor)

Construction crews can also build due to the simple process for building this form.

Reduction of labor because this form is bigger and lighter than other forms.


Feature 3. Improvement of construction site environment and safety management

Minimizing exposed concrete and concrete finishing.

Less possibility of safety accidents from falls of components as a complete system.

No waste (plywood, timber, etc.) due to no use of components.

Substantial improvement of environment due to less environmentally harmful waste.


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