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Aluminum Formwork

Aluminum Formwork Design And Production

Aluminum Formwork Design And Production

 This is one of the systems identified to be very much suitable for mass construction, where quality and speed can be achieved at high level.  The speed of construction by this system will surpass speed of most of the other construction methods/technologies.  The labour handles this method effectively to speed up the construction, to assure quality control and durability. Adoption of this system reduces overall cost of the structure.
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Antai System Aluminum Formwork consists of aluminium panels and components.

– a mass production technique
– employs the latest CAD facilities in designing
– uses structural-grade aluminium alloy
– environmentally friendly
– adaptable, flexible, accurate and fast
– cost effective for up to 250 repeats of a “typical layout”

The “Antai System Formwork” is a fast track, cost effective, formwork building system that has been widely used in the construction industry since the late 1980s. It has successfully completed projects all over China.

Antai aluminium formwork is a versatile solution for forming concrete structures in a cost effective and efficient manner. Aluminium formwork is the best choice for both high and low-rise construction projects. Our innovative technology provides many benefits such as reduced labour costs and shorter project durations. Antai formwork technology is a complete system. It can be easily applied to simple column, beam and slab constructions through to more sophisticated features such as curved structures, staircases, bay windows and balconies.

Basic Information 

 Place of Origin

Fujian, China (Mainland)

 Brand Name


 Model Number


 Aluminum Series  Model

 6061-T6(GB5237-2008  stand)

 Surface Treatment

 Hot light body


Concrete Construction

 Weight per square  aluminized

 20-28kg(Standards  formwork)


 One-time  Pouring, Over  200 times to  reuses



 Standard Formwork  Length


 Aluminum  thickness



Reinforcement  system

aluminum formwork.jpg

Aluminum formwork system description 

The basic element of the Formwork is the panel which is an extruded aluminium rail section, welded to an aluminium sheet. This produces a lightweight panel with an excellent stiffness to weight ratio, yielding minimal deflections under concrete loading. Panels are manufactured in the size and shape to suit the requirements of specific projects.

The panels are made from a high strength aluminium alloy with a 4mm thick skin plate and a 6mm thick ribbing behind to stiffen the panels. The panels are manufactured within factory environment. Once assembled they are subjected to a trial erection in order to eliminate any dimensional or on site problems.



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