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Aluminum Formwork

Aluminium Formwork System Project

Aluminium Formwork System Project

“Aluminum Formwork System” equipment for a typical project/building would consist of several thousand individual pieces of aluminum sections which will be connected and assemble together and produce as a complete “mould” for concrete pouring to cast the various structural components of the building.
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                                                                                              of Aluminium Formwork System


Antai successfully assembled the first domestic duplex aluminum formwork sample room in the new production base. The aluminum formwork system used for the assembly was designed and produced by Antai engineers and production team. It is said to be the first domestic duplex aluminum formwork sample room, which can be used for the construction of duplex residential buildings, making the concrete structure coherent and strong by pouring cement in one time without any contstruction joints left. It has many obvious advantages: One-time pouring molding can avoid the construction joints and guarantee the quality of concrete appearance. Adopting continuous placement ensures dense concrete vibrating and no stratification phenomenon.


                                                                                              of Aluminium Formwork System


      Easy to use

Average weight about 23- 27 KG/M2, only a single worker could move the Aluminum formwork easily

      High quality

Antai Aluminium formwork has accuracy in 96% for both horizontal and vertical structure.


Use A6061-T6, the most suitable material for industrial and residential construction

       Cost saving

Save much cost than wooden formwork once turnover 40 times if buying


                                      Project case

                                                                                     of Aluminium Formwork System


                                                                                         Donghai  Vanke


                                                                                      of Aluminium Formwork System




                                                                                      of Aluminium Formwork System

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