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Aluminium Formwork Tie Rod System

Aluminium Tie Rod System

Aluminium Tie Rod System

Antai building has been designed and produced by the model of the luch bar, which is designed by the client project, and has been cut, cut, punched, welded, and assembled by specialized equipment. It is composed of three parts: aluminum panel, support and connecting part. It can be combined and assembled into the whole formwork with various shapes and sizes, which solves the defects of traditional formwork and greatly improves the construction efficiency
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                                                        of  tie rod system

The Aluminium formwork born in the United States in 1962 has been widely used nowadays for global concrete structure in developed countries such as America and Canada newly industrialized countries such as Mexico, Brazil, Malaysia, South Korea and India after 50 years of development. Aluminium Formwork can be used more times compared with the traditional formwork. It is light with the average wight of 23 - 27 kg/m2, convenient to use and easy to install, thus saving the labor cost and shortening the working period. Meanwhile it makes the concrete surface flat smooth basically reaching the demand of veneer and water coagulation, which greatly improves the project quality.


                                                                                                                of tie rod system


Short construction period

Early demolition system design, template set, supporting three sets, 4-6 days / section, can be pipelined construction, improve construction progress, save management costs.


Wide range of applications
It is suitable for the use of the walls, horizontal floors, columns, beams, staircases, windowsills, floats, toilets, etc., and is useful for two structures, such as girders, structural columns and counter sills
小图标1.jpgGood stability
The bearing capacity of aluminum formwork can reach 60KN/. It can meet the requirements of bearing capacity of most residential, construction, pipe gallery, basement and other projects.
小图标4.jpgHigh construction efficiency
Standardized design, convenient assembly, standard board about 22kg/, manual handling and assembly, without mechanical assistance, up to 50 / person / day, cost saving.
小图标6.jpgHigh reuse rate
The aluminum alloy profiles with integral extrusion are used as raw materials, and the construction can be reused more than 150 times, and the average cost is low.
小图标9.jpgGood demoulding effect

With  less joints and high accuracy, the surface quality of concrete is  smooth and smooth, which can meet the requirements of veneer and fair  faced concrete.

小图标8.jpgCivilized construction
The parts can be reused. There is almost no garbage left after the demolishing. The supporting system is simple in structure and easy to remove. The whole construction environment is safe, clean and tidy.

Low carbon energy saving

All materials are renewable materials, in line with national policy requirements for energy conservation, environmental protection, low carbon and emission reduction for construction projects.


                                                                                                                of flat tie system


                                                                  Working Period

                                                                                                                of tie rod system

Antai  aluminum formwork is an early removing system with the working period of  5 days. After setting of the concrete within 24 hours, the set of panels can  be removed for the repetitive use for the next floor thereby achieving a  short construction period and a high quality concrete structure.  







  Structural lines and installation of reinforcing bars  

  M&E&Plumbing installation  

  Dismantling last floor wall panel  

  Installation of wall panels  

  Concrete level survey  

  Dismantling last floor beam panel  

  Installation of the beam panel  

  Installation of Slab panels  

  Installation of nonstandard panel and reinforcing wall and column  

  Installation of reinforcing bars on the slab panels before casting

  the concrete  

  M&E&Plumbing of Slab  

  Concrete level survey, casting and curing of the concrete  


                                                                 Project cases

                                                                                                                of tie rod system



                                                                                                                of tie rod system


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