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Aluminium Pallets

Aluminum pallets have been widely used in Europe and the United States and other developed countries , the weight of 13KG ~ 15KG. Food, medical, health, chemical and other fields of use aluminum tray instead of wooden pallets and plastic tray, because the situation of environmental protection, food safety and other issues have become increasingly prominent today. The production of aluminum pallets compared to other material tray, the advantages of aluminum tray as follow: (1)Use Eco-Friendly Material and never rust, satisfied with social development requirements. (2)High value of recycle . Aluminum tray in the use of scrapped, the general recovery can benefit 30%-50%. (3) Widely used in different environments, easy to clean, bacteria are hard to breed. Such as cold storage, wet environment, aluminum tray will not brittle and rot. Particularly suitable for environmental sanitation requires high places; (4) Light weight and carrying meet the requirements, easy to use. Compared with the steel tray,the same kind of specifications, the weight is only equivalent to its 1/3.
Find high quality and durable aluminium pallets here with Antai which is a leading manufacturer and supplier specialized in providing various aluminium systems to worldwide customers. Professional design, reliable quality, easy to operate and strict QC system are our main characteristics. Welcome to buy the quality aluminium pallets with our factory.
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