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Custom Transportation Warehouse Logistics Aluminum Pallet

Custom Transportation Warehouse Logistics Aluminum Pallet

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1.Material: Aluminum alloy.

2.Size : Available per customized

3. Surface: mill finished or Anodized.

4. Entry: Four ways&Two ways entry

5. Application:logistics;warehouse storage

6.Feature: Eco-friendly Pallets

7.Grade: 6000 series

8.Type: Single Faced,double faced

Two-Way Lightweight Slatted Aluminum Pallet

Interlocking 4-Way Block Aluminum PalletFully Nestable 4-Way Entry with Standard Deck
2-Way Heavy Duty Channel Aluminum PalletFully Nestable Aluminum Pallet4-Way Block Medium Duty Aluminum Pallet
Standard 4-Way Block Aluminum Pallet2-Way Heavy Duty Rail Aluminum Pallet4-Way Big Block Open Bottom Aluminum Pallet

Features :  

1.Stackable, Cleanable, Durable, and Splinter Free

2.Two-way and Four-way pallet

3.Fire proof, Moisture and Liquid proof

4.Repairable, and low maintenance

5.Custom design is available

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