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Aluminium Formwork System

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What is the Aluminium Formwork System? Aluminium Formwork System, is comparatively a new technology for construction industry. Aluminium Formwork is successfully used in Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and the Middle East for the construction of apartments and buildings, both low and high rises....
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Falsework And Formwork Factory

Material: Aluminum 6061-T6

Application: Concrete Construction

Place of Origin: Xiamen,China (Mainland)

Brand Name: Antai

Model Number: Aluminium Formwork System

Cycle: 300Times

Certifications: ISO9001:2008

Size: as per project 

Aluminium System Formwork

Aluminum formwork construction is popular, mainly because the technical indicators are more advanced, better able to meet the national, social construction requirements.

Aluminum formwork system construction preparation process is as follows:

The drawings completed→ drawings audit by the aluminum formwork technical engineers, offer → contract content confirmed, signed a contract → technical engineers design with mold designs (formwork assembly designs) → produciton according to the drawings → pre-assembled in factory → inspection qualified → delivery to construction site → working site construction.

Standard aluminum construction process:

Wall formwork → beam formwork → staircase formwork → formwork acceptance → concrete pouring → quality acceptance → demolition of the mold (first installed after the demolition) → transported to the next layer of construction.

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1. The number of turnaround, reduce the form work amortization unit price

The construction system of aluminum alloy form work is obviously higher than that of steel mold, wood mold, combination mold and so on because of its high strength, small material deformation, turnover and working ability (300 times of theoretical turnover) The By accounting, a set of all-aluminum form work in the long-term turnover of more than 50 layers of the cost that is flat with the traditional wooden mold amortization unit price. (Data have not yet considered the concrete area to save plaster, progress to speed up the savings of mechanical equipment rent and aluminum alloy form work recycling residual value)

2. Save time, reduce the rental of large equipment

Compared with other form works, aluminum alloy form work has many advantages, such as convenient, fast and so many, so that workers can quickly correct and fix the form work, greatly reducing the amount of labor, labor intensity weakened. After the accounting, the aluminum alloy form work in the construction of the project structure of the average savings of 2 to 3 days / layer, the project large vertical transport set a day of rent close to 10 million, so the use of aluminum alloy form work to save the part cost.

3. Surface plastering, reduce the cost of the cost

The use of aluminum alloy form work system, the structural surface to achieve the effect of water, into the decoration stage, the inner wall can save plaster leveling process, from the quality to eliminate the indoor wall plastering hollowing, cracks common problem; from the construction cost analysis, Saving the use of cement, sand raw materials, and plastering work, while reducing the use of working materials time, saving materials and labor costs about US$4 / m2 (decoration to be plastering position); from the duration analysis, interior decoration Stage of the work shortened, the progress of each step can be shortened by 1 to 2 days, the total duration of the advance is also considerable.

4. The project between the use of turnover, saving construction costs

All-aluminum form work system 80% of the form work to a fixed modulus of the standard board-based, turn to the next site as long as the modification of the workpiece at the junction of the non-standard board, you can achieve a number of projects can be reused, saving the next project form work cost.

5. The form work recovery residue high

Aluminum alloy form work system in the aluminum plate can still be scraped after the recovery of waste aluminum, high residual value. Can indirectly save the purchase cost of the system.

6. Province plaster, indirectly increase the use of the room area

Due to the use of all-aluminum alloy form work can save plaster, from the use of household area analysis, the room net length and width can increase the use of 3 ~ 5cm surface, according to the current price of commercial housing, but also a small fee.

7. Reduce the structure of self-weight, saving structure costs

If you consider the aluminum alloy form work from the design stage can save plastering factors, you can appropriately reduce the design value of housing weight, foundation and floor structure can be appropriately reduced, can greatly save the cost of construction costs; the other hand, from the Design safety analysis, eliminating the need for plastering, floor body weight loss, the earthquake weakened the corresponding force, structural seismic bias in the safety.        



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