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Aluminium Formwork System

Aluminum Slab Formwork Panel

Aluminum Slab Formwork Panel

What is the Aluminium Formwork System? Aluminium Formwork System, is comparatively a new technology for construction industry. Aluminium Formwork is successfully used in Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and the Middle East for the construction of apartments and buildings, both low and high rises....
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Aluminum FormWork Slab Panel 

Material: Aluminum Alloy,aluminum 6061-T6

Thickness: 4mm aluminum alloy

Certification: ISO/SGS

Size:  Variety of sizes according to project drawing

Production Specification of Aluminium System Formwork

Material6061-T6 Aluminum alloy
Main ComponentsWall
ApplicationsExhibition setup
Interior refurbishing
All the towers can be connected together for multi-purpose
Yield strength≥60KN/m2


Non-standard, custom-made as per buy's request
FeaturesEasy to Handle
High Concrete Pouring Rate
More Reuses
Great Recyclable Value
Environmental Friendly
One-time Pouring

Advantages of Aluminum Formwork System

  • Easy to Handle

  • Unsurpassed construction speed

  • Good stability, high bearing capacity

  • High Concrete Pouring Rate

  • Great Recyclable Value

  • No construction waste

The features of the aluminum formwork technology are as follows:

1. Multi-functional

2. Speed

3. Quality

4. Durability

5. Cost.


Architects do not need to change the layout of the building to fit the technology.

B can form any type of structural design.

c The system is unique in that it forms all concrete in the building, including: walls, pillars, beams, floors, staircases, balconies, window hoods, storage lofts.

D No need for bricks, blocks or plaster.

e) All devices are made up of standard size templates, so that up to 70% of the standard size template components are being used for a building layout.

Case Study of Aluminum Formwork

Aluminum Formwork for Housing Building


Aluminum Form Work for High-rise Building

Aluminum Formwork for Public Building

AL formwork system in Joint-row Villa


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