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Aluminium Formwork System

Aluminium Concrete Formwork System for Commercial Residential Building

Aluminium Concrete Formwork System for Commercial Residential Building

What is the Aluminium Formwork System? Aluminium Formwork System, is comparatively a new technology for construction industry. Aluminium Formwork is successfully used in Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and the Middle East for the construction of apartments and buildings, both low and high rises....
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Aluminium System Formwork Technical advantages 

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Advantages of the application of aluminum alloy formwork: 

the aluminum form due to the weight of light, and the formwork to withstand the pressure of the conditions are good, it is convenient for concrete mechanization, rapid construction operations; 

standard plate with a local non-standard board configuration board, and non-standard board With the number of technology, the same components of the standard board can be mixed, which makes the assembly faster; 

aluminum formwork in the disassembly when the operation is more simple, easy to disassemble and install; 

between formwork and form panel Is fixed with a pin, the installation is also more convenient. With the early demolition design, the horizontal component formwork panel can be removed after 36 hours. 

The aluminium form work is equipped with a multi-stage operation platform for easy movement when the installation is made to ensure the safety of the workforce during the installation and removal of the module. The quality of the concrete surface after the removal of the aluminum alloy forming is very good. According to the planned construction, to ensure that the formwork installed flat, solid, to ensure that the concrete surface to achieve the effect of water concrete.

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Aluminium System Formwork Economic advantages

1, aluminum form work can not be used as a wood form work can only be used once the deformation, compared to the number of aluminum form work used more, all aluminum construction in the use of the number of form works was significantly higher than the steel form work, wood form work, form works, etc., in the high number of layers of high-rise building construction advantages. After accounting, a set of all-aluminum form work as long as the use of more than 50 times the cost of the original wood form work amortization unit price flat.

2, the other is to save time, reduce the cost of large equipment compared with other form works, all aluminum alloy form work has a convenient, fast and many other advantages. Aluminum alloy form work in the project structure of the construction process of the average duration of two days each layer.

3, the application of aluminum alloy form work works in the surface of the plaster, the cost of a large part of the structural surface of the effect can indeed achieve the effect of water, to the decoration of the stage, the wall can save plaster and peace Of the process, from the quality directly to put an end to the indoor wall plastering and cracks in the common problem.

4, from the cost of construction and construction of the analysis, saving cement, sand consumption of raw materials consumption and plastering with labor, while reducing the use of working materials time, saving materials and labor costs and so on. 



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