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Aluminium Formwork System

Aluminium Concrete structural I-beam Formwork for High Rise Building

Aluminium Concrete structural I-beam Formwork for High Rise Building

What is the Aluminium Formwork System? Aluminium Formwork System, is comparatively a new technology for construction industry. Aluminium Formwork is successfully used in Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and the Middle East for the construction of apartments and buildings, both low and high rises....
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Aluminium System Formwork

Aluminum form work system components need to be designed according to the characteristics of the floor, the design of technical staff capacity requirements are higher. Approximately 80% of the modules in the aluminum form work system can be recycled in multiple projects, while the remaining 20% can only be recycled in a class of standard floors, so the aluminum form work system is suitable for high-level buildings with high levels of standardization. And villa group. In areas with a high degree of urbanization, the following technical advantages are particularly:

1) Short construction period. Aluminum form work system for the quick-release system, a set of normal construction of the form work can reach four days a layer, and can be better to start the construction of the pipeline, greatly improving the construction schedule, saving management costs.

2) The number of repeated use, the average cost of use is low. Aluminum form work system using the overall extrusion of aluminum alloy profiles to do the raw materials, a set of specifications can be used to modify the construction of more than 300 times. A set of form work purchase prices are spread out than the traditional form work to save a lot of cost.

3) Convenient construction, high efficiency. Aluminum form work system assembly is simple, convenient, the average weight of about 20kg, completely by the manual handling and assembly, do not need any mechanical equipment to help, and the system design is simple, the workers get started speed and form work flip speed quickly. Skilled installation workers per person per day can be installed 20-30 square meters, significant savings in labor costs.

4) Good stability, high bearing capacity. Most of the aluminum form work system bearing capacity of up to 60KN per square meter, enough to meet the majority of residential buildings supporting capacity of the support capacity.

5) Wide range of applications. Aluminum form work for wall, horizontal floor, pillars, beams, stairs, windowsill, floating plate and other locations of the use of the ring beam, structural columns, anti-kan and other secondary structure model is still useful.

6) Patchwork less, high precision, demoulding concrete surface effect is good. After the demolition of aluminum construction form work, the concrete surface quality is smooth and smooth, basically can meet the requirements of finishes and water concrete, without the need for batch, can save the cost of bulk.

7) Site construction waste less support system simple. Aluminum form work system all parts can be reused, the construction demolition of the mold, the scene without any garbage, support system structure is simple, easy to remove, so the entire construction environment safe, clean and clean.

8) Standards, versatility. Aluminum form work specifications, according to the project using different specifications of sheet metal assembly; use of the form work to transform a new building, just replace the 20 or so non-standard board, can reduce costs.

9) High recovery value. Aluminum form work scrap, when the waste disposal of high residual value, sharing cost advantage is obvious.

10) Low carbon emissions. Aluminum form work system all materials are renewable materials, in line with national construction projects energy saving, environmental protection, low carbon, emission reduction regulations.

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