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Aluminium Formwork System

Building Aluminum Concrete Wall Aluma Panel Form Systems

Building Aluminum Concrete Wall Aluma Panel Form Systems

What is the Aluminium Formwork System? Aluminium Formwork System, is comparatively a new technology for construction industry. Aluminium Formwork is successfully used in Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and the Middle East for the construction of apartments and buildings, both low and high rises....
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Description of Aluminium System Formwork

The building formwork consists of a panel and a support system, which is a part of the concrete forming; the support system is a structural part of the solid panel and the upper load.


The quality of the formwork is related to the quality of concrete engineering. The key lies in the accurate size, the assembly is firm, the patchwork is tight and the assembly and disassembly is convenient. Should be based on the form of building structure and characteristics of the appropriate form of choice in order to obtain a good technical and economic results.


The traditional wood formwork system, steel formwork system, plastic formwork system has its own advantages and disadvantages:


  • Wood formwork system of its low strength, no water, easy to mold rot, re-use rate is low, the need for consumption of timber resources;

  • Steel formwork system but the weight is too heavy, the construction of mechanical equipment to help, easy to rust, and in the concrete pouring process and easy to glue together, stripping difficult;

  • Plastic formwork system is poor rigidity, variable type, and high cost.

  • At present, due to the construction technology of clean concrete and rapid demolition of the construction technology to gradually promote, in order to meet the new construction needs, aluminum alloy formwork system came into being.

  • Aluminum alloy formwork with light weight, flexible removal, long life, high precision, pouring smooth, low maintenance costs, high construction efficiency, high recovery value, in Europe and the United States has been more use, and China is gradually promoted.


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Advantages of Antai Aluminum Formwork System

1)Reuse time: 

Industry standard reuse time up to 300 times for oversea projects

 2) Easy to use:



4)  High quality: 

Antai formwork system has accuracy in 99% for horizontal and 100% for vertical structure.

5)Cost saving:

Save much cost than wooden system formwork once turnover 55 times, meanwhile it can reduce labor cost, and cost for transportation of raw materials, material loss, and waste disposal, etc.



What Integrates AL Formwork System


   Formwork System

Forms the closed surface of concrete structure, ensure 

the forming structure while concreting

Wall panel

Slab panel

Corner panel

Wall End Panel



Supporting System

Supporting the concrete 

structure,guarantee the 

slab, beam, cantilever 

structure steady


Prop Head



Joint Bar


Accessories System

The connection components, 

integrate formwork system 

and support system into a   completed formwork system


Round & Long &Wedge Pin

Bracket Bolt & Nut

Kicker Bolt, Nut & Washer

Working Period

1st Day

Lining up structural lines and installation of reinforcing bars

2nd Day

Installation of wall panels


3rd Day

Installation of Slab panels


4th Day

Installation of reinforcing bars on the slab panels before casting the concrete


5th Day

Casting and curing of the concrete

Antai AL Formwork Solution





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