Pile Ground Mounting System

Pile Ground Mounting System

Antaisolar pile ground mount system is a very economical solution for large commercial and utility scale installations, especially on uneven terrain. The use of ramming posts eliminate the need for additional excavation works, and pile-driven machine reduce labor and time remarkably on site, piling finishes in less than 3 minutes, for large projects, this means high cost savings.

Product Details

Pile Ground Mounting System

Pile driven system, ground solar structure


 Application open terrain
 Roof slope/elevation angle 0-60° 
 Module orientation Landscape below 5 rows, Portrait below 2 rows
 Foundation type Pile in or pre-cast, bored pier
 Material Al6005-T6, SS304,SS410
 Wind speed Up to 88m/s(316.8kmh/196.9mph)
 Standard AS/NZ1170.2:2011,JIS C 8955:2011
 Lead time 1-2weeks


image.png     image.png     image.png     image.png

Pre-assembled beam                         Pile                                 Connector                                Rail

image.png     image.png     image.png     image.png

          Rail splice                            Rail clamp                           Mid clamp                           End clamp

Project reference:



10MW in Hidaka-cho Japan 2.jpg


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