Why Aluminum Pallets

- Sep 07, 2017 -

Aluminum pallets are not cheap but a range of industries from Chemical to Food Industries depend on them!


Finally a pallet that is designed to meet the needs of the chemical and pharmaceutical companies. While it is a lot more expensive than a wood pallet, it is far less expensive than a stainless steel pallet. The aluminum pallet has so many features and advantages they are hard to list.


The aluminum pallet offers tremendous performance and it has a great return on investment. You can get close to 100% payback on the purchase of durable aluminum pallets. Light-weight aluminum pallets save on shipping cost. Durable aluminum pallets can last 15-20 years compared to a 3-5 year life span for plastic pallets.


Aluminum pallets are built tough to withstand forklift abuse. They are light weight and can easily be handled by one person. They are rackable which means they can be stored in pallet rack. This aluminum pallet can also be used to transport products in trailers. It is returnable and reusable and great for closed loop applications.


If you are happy with a wood pallet we will probably never be able to convert you to aluminum. But if you are a pharmaceutical or food processing company and you have a closed loop system than these aluminum pallets are perfect for you. We welcome custom sizes. We won’t charge you a die charge to manufacture custom sizes. We will manufacture one, one hundred or one thousand.


Aluminum pallets will last 10 times longer than plastic pallets and when they wear out the can be recycled. They are worth approximately $25.00 each to a recycle. Do the right thing for the environment and your pocket book!