Tips For Formwork Construction

- Nov 14, 2017 -

Pouring concrete into load-bearing structures can be a complex task, which means that formwork construction will be necessary to ensure a solid and stable concrete structure. Contractors often hire formwork construction professionals to make sure the formwork are installed correctly, but for smaller projects,formwork can be installed without the help of a specialist. The most important step in this process is choosing the right type and amount of formwork. This assessment can be done by consulting a professional formwork installer or a formwork rental company.


It is also very important to ensure that there are enough workers during the construction of the formwork. Formwork panels can be heavy and difficult to move and may require more than one person to move each part in place. For safety reasons, it is better to have several staff members on construction site, especially for emergency supervision and response. Use safety equipment such as safety helmets, work gloves and eye protection whenever possible. During the construction of the formwork, to ensure that there is a first-aid kit available at the construction site. Before placing any panel, it is neccessary to check the damage to each panel as this may result in a weak structure or worker injury.


when building the formwork where pedestrians are likely to pass it also should  be taken into account . Obstructions should be placed outside of the concrete structure to ensure that pedestrians do not approach the construction site, thereby minimizing potential injury. The formwork may fall down during pouring and the concrete may splash, which means there need  enclose the construction site make sure the safety area.


If contractors rent a formwork from a leasing company, the type and number of leasing formwork are crucial before the project begins. This will ensure that the formwork are installed quickly and correctly. Ensure that the communication with the rental company in place, parts and materials arrangement in place. If a problem arises, the rental company should be able to address it swiftly. Make sure to find out if delivery of the product is included as well, since formwork can be heavy and difficult to transport. If the rental company does not transport the items, it will be necessary to rent trucks and transport the formwork independently.

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