Exhibition Review | Antai Attended The Exhibitions In Indonesia And America.

- Sep 27, 2017 -

Exhibition Review | Antai attended the exhibitions in Indonesia and America.


The long-awaited exhibition season in September has arrived. In this month, Antai has been active inmany exhibitions and achieved great success. Let’s review these days during the exhibitions.

 Antai in Indonesia

                                                             Concrete Show South East Asia 2017

The annual Concrete Show South East Asia was held as scheduled, bringing together the world's leading concrete building-related suppliers, which attracted customers from all over the world to visit. Antai attended the exhibition for the first time and sent out sales reps & engineers to introduce our aluminum formwork system in detail for each guest.


                                     Antai Exhibition Booth

Antai exhibition booth was decorated with exquisite posters. Looking over them, people can learn clearly about the strong company strength and high productivity of our company. Antai conducts rigid quality control with a full range of chemical & physical laboratory testing equipment to ensure the high quality of  products.The posters also present the assembly and disassembly instructions of aluminum formwork system, the drawings designed by Antai engineers and the applications of Antai aluminum formwork.


                                      The Posters in Antai Exhibition Booth

Visitors showed great interest in Antai aluminum formwork system. This green construction formwork solution is suitable for all types and sizes of commercial & residential buildings, which received lots of praise byvisitors with its professional design, reliable quality, easy operation and high recycle rate. The four days of busy exhibition brought in fruitful negotiations.


                                                 Antai Busy Exhibition Scene

Antai aluminum formwork system business focuses on the production, sales and leasing construction. Based on customers’ demand, Antai provides customized aluminum formwork system solutions and good after-sales service including on-site training of installation.

 Antai in  America 

                                                                  Solar Power International 2017

The Solar Power International 2017 was held in Las Vegas, NV, America from Sept. 11 to Sept. 13. The exhibition co-sponsored by Solar Electric Power Association and Solar Energy Industries Association is the largest, the most influential photovoltaic solar trade show in North America. It's where many solar industrial organizations in the United States and around the world release new products to explore new trade opportunities and develop new customers & maintain relationships with old ones.


                                        Antai Exhibition Booth

With accumulative mounts shipment over 4GW up to date, Antai attended the SPI for the second time. In this event, Antai PV products were widely recognized by the guests of the exhibition. The carport mounting systems exhibited at Antai booth was customized according to the booth space and made of 6005 - T6 aluminum material, which attracted lots of guests' attention with its shiny metal sparkling in the lights. It is favored by more and more customers for its beautiful shape and multiple functions such as car parking, power generating and supplying for electric cars, etc.


                                                  Antai Busy Exhibition Scene

Besides, Antai also exhibited other roof solar racking.The wide range of products can satisfy the needs of residential, commercial and utility scale customers. Visitors showed a keen interest in Antai’s brand and products. The exhibition was quite lively and popular.



                                      The Photo of Visitors and Antai Sales Rep

                                   The Photo of Antai Sales Group

Antai has been busy at various exhibitions in the early September, aiming to present the best products and services for our customers. We look forward to your next coming.