Development Trend Of Aluminum Alloy Formwork

- May 27, 2017 -

Presently, the aluminum alloy formwork replaces the traditional formwork has been widely used, and its weight is light, high strength, the size of the plate, the characteristics of the small patchwork is useful to ensure the construction quality, although the aluminum alloy formwork upfront investment relatively high, but can be useful to shorten the construction period, improve the quality of construction, reduce the construction of two times to bring unnecessary trouble. 

Because the planning of aluminum alloy has the characteristics of standardization, so that he can adapt to any location of the device and construction, and make the construction of the degree of standardization has been useful protection and improvement. In terms of economic benefits, aluminum alloy formwork and traditional formwork compared to the early investment, the reason is all over the expectation, the reason is that the traditional formwork, such as wood, although in the early stage of investment is less, but the late investment in many, from the overall selection of aluminum formwok efficiency is higher. 

Because aluminum alloy is the environmental protection construction data, has the high recovery rate and the recovery value, the residual value recovery rate may reach the original data quoted price above 80%. Beside this, aluminum alloy formwork can be repeatedly used, saving capital contribution. In other words, the use of aluminum alloy formwork, the high upfront investment, the later investment is zero, which is the outstanding economic benefits.

Currently construction formwork including:

  • The most common traditional wood formwork, the common is poplar film faced plywood formworks, such formwork is light, slightly lower cost, but the durability is not too good, and the re-use rate is very low.

  • Steel formwork, literally is steel, the strength is very large. But heavy weight, repeated use of good, very high cost.

  • Plastic formwork, water proof, low cost, durable, but not good in strength.

Compared with the above three traditional formworks, aluminum formwork is big advantages in resue times, with large strength and light weight ,anti-rust . The most important is the aluminum formwork assembly can be poured once after the end .Aluminum formwork, the advantages of the project period are significant and perfect of stitching into the wall, later for decoration  also very convenient.

Compared with the traditional formwork aluminum alloy formwork has several advantages:

  • Short construction period,4-5 days/floor

  • Less transportation times

  • Convenient working, high effiency 

  • High bearing capacity

  • Use in a wide range of field

  • No need to make a batch swing, can save the cost of swinging

  • No construction waste

  • Standard, strong universal use 

  • High recovery value

  • Low carbon emission reduction

  • Support System is convenient

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