Antai Successfully Assembled The First Domestic Duplex Aluminum Formwork Sample Room

- Sep 12, 2017 -

                        Antai successfully assembled the first domestic duplex aluminum formwork sample room

Based on over ten years of R&D, production and sales of aluminum profiles, Antai integrates various resources to successfully carry out aluminum formwork system business. Therefore, Antai has built a new production base covering an area of 200,000 square meters, brought in advanced aluminum production technology and equipment, and employed professional aluminum formwork engineer team and elite sales team. Antai has been specializing in the production, sales and leasing of aluminum formwork system for specialization construction, providing aluminum formwork system and related supporting materials for all types and sizes of commercial and residential buildings. Antai has become one of the most professional building & industrial aluminum profile solutions providers.

Resently, Antai successfully assembled the first domestic duplex aluminum formwork sample room in the new production base. The aluminum formwork system used for the assembly was designed and produced by Antai engineers and production team.

Detail of wall and floor formwork arrangement               Windows

It is said to be the first domestic duplex aluminum formwork sample room, which can be used for the construction of duplex residential buildings, making the concrete structure coherent and strong by pouring cement in one time without any contstruction joints left. It has many obvious advantages: One-time pouring molding can avoid the construction joints and guarantee the quality of concrete appearance. Adopting continuous placement ensures dense concrete vibrating and no stratification phenomenon. The simple and easy construction process reduces procedure connection time and strengthens the construction coordination.

Beam panels                                                            Staircase panels