Antai Aluminum Formwork Production Lines

- Sep 22, 2017 -

Antai Aluminum Formwork Production Lines

Based on over ten years of experience in the production & sales of aluminium profiles, Antai has successfully entered into the construction aluminum formwork system business. Antai provides aluminum formwork system and the corresponding supporting materials for all types and sizes of commercial & residential buildings. Therefore, Antai has brought in advanced aluminum production technology and equipment, and employed professional aluminum formwork engineer team and elite sales team.


Located in Zhangzhou, Antai aluminum formwork production base is equipped with international melting furnace, more than 10 aluminum extrusion production lines and aluminum formwork processing lines. It can achieve the one-stop production process of aluminum formwork from raw materials (aluminum ingots) to melting, billets, extruding, cutting, punching, welding, quality control, finished product, assembly, etc.


Here, let’s walk into Antai production base to explore the aluminum formwork production lines.

Technical Process of Production


Modern Production Equipment