10 TOP Comparative Advantages Of The Building Aluminum Formwork

- May 31, 2017 -

  1. No. 1 is light weight, high rigidity. The experimental data show that the tensile strength of aluminum alloy is three times that of ordinary steel. Building aluminum formwork per square meter weight of 24kg ± 5%, for the existing metal construction formwork in the lightest, the construction process without the use of lifting equipment and other equipment.

  2. All kinds of specifications models complete, high precision. Construction drawings of a design, structure, construction rigorous, very small error, high precision, very suitable for the standard layer of high-rise, high-rise buildings and multi-building with the building.

  3. Assembled, split, easy to learn. To overcome the traditional formwork of the installation, demolition difficult, do not rely on long-term experience of the formwork technology workers, ordinary staff by an hour of simple training, you can work independently, for the enterprise to save labor costs.

  4. The number of recycling times, sharing the low cost. Aluminum formwork system all parts can be reused, in the normal use, standardized construction, the aluminum formwork recycling times up to 300 times the average cost of the corresponding assessment of the lower. While the wood formwork only a few times the turnover, steel formwork only a few decades of turnover may be.

  5. A wide range of applications, carrying capacity. Accurate design of aluminum-made formwork system for all building components, such as load-bearing walls, columns, beams, floors, stairs, balconies, etc., can be used to complete the cement casting, such a building can be quality assurance and accurate The dimensional tolerances of the aluminum formwork allow uniform load and can withstand concrete side pressure to achieve the standard for steel formwork. Per square meter bearing load 60KN / ㎡ will not damage.

  6. The construction effect of good quality, exempt from batch. The use of aluminum formwork pouring concrete, can meet the technical requirements of the finishes and water, the concrete surface smoothness and finish is other types of formworks can not match, can reduce the wholesale or even without the need for approval, after the roof can be renovated, or even Can be built above the side of the decoration, so not only save the bulk of the cost, faster construction progress, shorten the overall construction period.

  7. The construction of high efficiency, short construction period. Aluminum alloy building formwork for the quick-release system, according to different climatic conditions, generally 18 to 36 hours can be demolished, so just configure a layer of aluminum formwork plus three single support to meet the use, to maximize the project to assemble , Removal of construction speed, the normal construction up to 4 days a layer, which greatly shorten the construction period, for the construction unit to save management costs, while the real estate developers to shorten the development cycle.

  8. The high recovery rate, the residual value of large. Aluminum formwork recovery rate of 60usd / square meter, the residual value is high, its recovery value for the steel formwork several times.

  9. A unique support system, site transport materials, easy to walk. The bottom of the formwork support system to take "single tube vertical independent" support, the average spacing of 1.2 meters, without horizontal pull or pull-pull support, construction workers on the site handling materials, walking are unimpeded, single support easy to remove.

  10. More safe construction, does not produce construction waste. There is no nail on the installation site of the aluminum formwork. No construction saws are free of wood chips. The construction site is safe, clean and clean. It does not produce a large amount of construction waste as if it were a wood formwork. Construction standards.

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