what is aluminum profile and advantage and some purchase tips

- Nov 14, 2017 -

Aluminum profile, it is different section shapes aluminum products through aluminum extrusion process. 

From raw material-aluminum ingot, after hot melting, get aluminum billets, and then finish aluminum extrusion process through porthole die or flat die, can get different shape aluminum products. At this moment, the surface is mill finished and it is aluminum metal natural color. The surface treatment can be done for aluminum profile in anodized(anodized silver, anodized bronze, anodized champagne, anodized black and anodized gold and some other special order), electrophoresis and powder coated color(RAL color) after different processes. Now with the development of aluminum metal surface treatment, fluorocarbon painting or wood grain (marble grain) heating transferring can be done on the aluminum profile surface.


Advantage of Aluminum profile

1.The density of aluminum profiles is lower than other commonly used metal density, light weight; the density is only 2.70 g/cm3, 1/3 of copper or iron.

2 .Hot and cold both treatment process, it has strong corrosion resistance

3. Global aluminum has rich reserves and it has high aluminum content in the earth

4.Good ductility and elongation, which can be alloyed with many metal elements to produce light alloy material quality

5 .Strong deformability, good yielding ability, has the advantages for the production

6 .Good casting properties

7 .Good performances for the surface treatment

8.Stable chemical properties, non-magnetic, can be recycled and reused, it is a good and recyclable metal materials

9.Small elastic coefficients, no spark in collision and friction, the best performance in automotive technology

10 .Anti-nuclear radiations

11.No metallic pollution, no poison, no volatile metal in the surface oxide layer

12.Good thermal properties and electrical conductivity, it is outstanding performance in the short-distance power transmission.

The aluminum profile is common metal materials in the social production, which has a wide range of applications in the aviation, construction, condenser, auto parts and other industries. Its excellent performance and many advantages, make aluminum profile got favors by the industry at large.


Tips for Purchase Aluminum profile

In order to help supplier understand purchaser needs and requirements, the followings 12 factors are important for your aluminum profile orders and your aluminum extrusion orders

1 .Specifications to be met; Federal specs, GB/T, ASTM, AA, DIN, EN Etc

2.Aluminum Alloy and temper; if unknown indicate requirements for strength, corrosion resistance, mechanibility, finish, weldability, to aid us in making a recommendation.

3. End use length and purchase length. Had better to leave the cutting edge

4 .Drawings and machining drawings need for the molds and machining

5. Tolerances; commercial, per drawing, other.

6.Surface Finish; mill, anodize color, paint, powder coated, thermal break, wood grain, bright silver, bright gold, brushing, polishing, exposed surfaces, etc.

7.Packaging; acceptable maximum and minimum weight per package and shipping and handling requirements.

8 .Secondary fabrication requirements-mitering, punching, bending, anodizing, drilling, etc.

9 .Product end-use.

10. Quantity needed; this order and on an annual basis.

11 .Shipping date and lead time

12. Special quality considerations and any special request

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