What is aluminium formwork technology?

- May 16, 2017 -

Construction aluminum formwork Technology

Raw material

Our raw material is Aluminium 6061-T6, which is up to international standard. We make sure the formwork strength, and improve the reuse times.


Welding technologyUse 

Dual Robots Welding System and MIG Welding technology, reduce the waste, and improve the strength and quality of Aluminium formwork.

6 焊接.jpg

Assemble technology

Improve the supporting and the strength system, control the quality of pouring concrete and ensure verticality, levelness.

9 试装配.jpg

Aluminum formwork Construction is popular, mainly because of more advanced technical indicators, which can meet the constructoin industry development requirements for the building works.

But do you knwo how Aluminum formwork system working in Construction process? Now we are going to show how aluminium concrete formwork works:

What is the steps of business?

→ Completed architectural drawings, structural drawings of the design 

→ Drawings audit and quote by the aluminum formwork technical

→ Cooperation content, signed the contract 

→ Technical personnel design and die-casting drawings (formwork assembly diagram)

→ Production according to designs

→ Factory assembly after Production

→ Inspection Qualified 

→ Delivery

→ Site construction.

Production process of Aluminium formwork:

production process of aluminum formwork.JPG

Aluminum formwork work in construction site process:

→ Wall panels

→ Beam panels 

→ Staircase panels 

→ Formwork audit

→ Concrete pouring 

→ Quality inspection

→ Disassembly (the part install first,disassembly later) 

→ Move to the next floor of construction

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