Time schedule of make Aluminum formwork for concrete structure

- Oct 20, 2017 -



(1) Standard production period of aluminum formwork from the deepening drawing design to trial assembly need 60 days;


(2) The drawings and plans provided to the aluminum formwork factory include: architectural drawings, structural drawings, decoration plans, hydropower plans, outer racks, laying holes etc .; drawings should be issued by the project department and have issued recording;


(3) After completion of the deepen drawing, the aluminum formwork factory should send the drawings to the project department, design department, wall panel factory, General contractor etc., the project department is responsible for organizing each department participate in the joint audit confirmation;


(4) After trial assembly aluminum formwork , the project department, the general contractor, the supervision and the engineering and technical department shall confirm the aluminum formwork node, the fastening system, the size deviation, the window (beam and wall) pressure groove etc.. If there have problem should email to related personnel;

(5) Aluminum formwork factory establish their own serial number coding map and number for each part of formwork ;

(6)The transfer of the aluminum formwork must be handled for three parties, the aluminum formwork transfer data: die drawing, aluminum formwork serial number coding map, aluminum formwork fastening system drawing , aluminum formwork, three parties signed the receiving report, aluminum formwork construction technique hand-over.


(7)The first three floors of aluminum formwork must be carried out aluminum formwork precision inspection by third party before pouring concrete, aluminum formwork comprehensive accuracy are not less than 90%, single not less than 80%.

Time schedule of make
 Aluminum formwork 
Joint discussion of drawing project department, design
 department, General contractor

Provide full set of project 

drawings to

 Aluminum formwork factory 

architectural drawings,structural

drawings, decoration plans, 

hydropower plans,outer racks, 

laying holes etc .

Deepen drawing 7days 

Die Structure Drawing 


Production 20days 
Trial assembly 15days 
Code 3days QC conformity
Packing 3days 
Rework 3days QC Non-conformity 
Shipping 10-30days