How to extrude aluminum profiles

- May 31, 2017 -

The whole process of extrusion of aluminum profile

Aluminum alloy extrusion process is actually began from the product design , because the product design is based on a given use requirements, the use of requirements determine the product of many final parameters. such as product mechanical processing performance, surface treatment performance and the use of environmental requirements, these properties and requirements of the actual choice of extruded aluminum alloy. 

The performance of aluminum profiles extruded by the same aluminum alloy depends on the design shape of the product. The shape of the product determines the shape of the extrusion mold. Once the design problem is solved, the actual extrusion process begins with the extruded aluminum ingot, which must be heated to soften before extrusion. The hot aluminum casting rod is put into the ingot barrel of the extruder, then the extruding rod is pushed by the high power hydraulic cylinder, and the front end of the extrusion rod has a squeeze pad, which is heated to soften the aluminum alloy under the pressure of the squeeze pad to form the die precision forming hole. This is the role of the mould: The shape of the product required for production.


This is a simple description of the most widely used direct extrusion now, indirect extrusion is a similar process, but there are some very important differences in the direct extrusion process, the mold is not moving, driven by the extrusion bar pressure through the die hole. In the indirect extrusion process. The die is installed on the hollow extrusion rod, so that the mold to the fixed aluminum billet extrusion, forcing aluminum alloy through the mold to the hollow extrusion rod extrusion.

In fact, the extrusion process is similar to squeezing toothpaste, when the pressure on the toothpaste closed end, cylindrical toothpaste from the circular openings are squeezed out. If the openings are flat, the extruded toothpaste is banded. 

Of course, complex shapes can be squeezed out of the same openings. For example, the pie maker uses special shaped tubes to squeeze ice cream to make all kinds of decorative lace, and what they do is squeeze the shape. Although you can't produce many useful products with toothpaste or ice cream, you can't squeeze aluminum alloy into aluminum tubes with your fingers. But you can rely on high-power hydraulic presses to squeeze aluminum alloy from a certain shape of the mold hole to produce a wide range of very useful products of almost any shape.

The following figure (left) extrusion begins when the first profile has just been extruded, (right) for the aluminum profile production process.


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