How to design aluminum profile

- Jun 22, 2017 -

Design process of aluminum profile parts

Aluminum profile is through the heating to a certain temperature of the aluminum ingot in the extrusion barrel, extruder pressure through the extrusion rod, gasket action on the billet, forcing metal outflow extrusion mold, so as to obtain the required shape, size, performance products.

Extrusion Methods for common profiles

According to the type of extruded profile, it can be divided into solid profile extrusion and hollow profile extrusion.

According to the movement characteristics of the billet relative to the extruded cylinder, it can be divided into positive extrusion and reverse extrusion.

One, solid profile extruded solid profile extrusion using two basic methods, namely metal forward flow extrusion, metal reverse flow extrusion, respectively, such as diagram:


Hollow Profile Extrusion

According to the shape of the hollow profile, the number of holes, the size of the shape of the hole and the asymmetrical distribution of the center position of the profile, there are two basic methods used in hollow profile extrusion:

A. Extrusion needle tubing Extrusion method: The hollow or solid billet ingot can be extruded, when the solid billet ingot is used, the perforation is carried out before extrusion. This method of extrusion of hollow profiles is not met, generally used for simple shape, the diameter of the larger hole of the special-shaped cross-section pipe, as shown in the figure.


Combined Die welding and extruding:

A solid ingot is used when extruding, and the combination needle and die are a whole or a rigid structure. Blank 4 into the extruded cylinder 2, in the extrusion rod 1 through the squeeze Gasket 3 transmission of the force, the billet metal under high-pressure action by the mold 5 into two strands or more than two strands of metal flow, in the mold of the welding chamber was again welded together. Finally, the number of each number in the die hole and the combination pin equals the number of strands separated by the metal, as shown in the figure:

Machining of aluminum alloy profile parts

Machining accuracy of aluminum alloy profile parts:

Aluminum alloy profile parts in general, according to "Aluminum and aluminum alloy extrusion profile Size deviation" GB/T 14846-93 standard in the high-precision requirements of processing, there are special requirements can be processed according to ultra-high precision. Surface roughness of aluminum alloy profile parts:

Profile surface (before oxidation treatment surface) roughness, in general, decorative surface roughness of the surface of the RA take 0.8 μm, non decorative surface roughness RA take 1.6 μm.

Machining of aluminum alloy profile parts:

According to the shape of aluminum alloy profiles, the following general milling, turning and drilling, for some panels, beam profiles above the hole and special holes need to die stamping processing (batch large) or wire cutting processing. The roughness of the profile cutting surface should be generally RA 6.3 μm or 3.2 μm according to the design needs.

Surface treatment of aluminum alloy profile parts

Non-spraying surface treatment of aluminum alloy profile parts for non-sprayed surfaces of aluminum alloy profile parts, in processing, clamping, and handling of the bump scratches, etc., in order to conceal these minor scratches, no dusting treatment of aluminum alloy profile surface generally to be sprayed sand treatment, otherwise, it is difficult to pass the product quality inspection. Sand blasting is divided into two types: Zx-Sb100 (AL) coarse lines and Zx-Sb150 (AL) fine lines, general selection of 150th.

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