How to cut aluminum profile

- May 29, 2017 -

Compound Aluminum Profile processing process

Equipment name: Broken Heat Profile production line (Italian fom company)

The machining process is divided into three steps:

Profile embossing: Use a roller knife to press the flower on the aluminum profile groove.

Break hot strip: Put the broken hot strip in the extruded aluminum groove mouth.

Extrusion: The aluminum profile and the broken hot strip are combined with a extruding knife.

How to do the aluminum profile without burr cutting

Reason analysis: Solid aluminum cutting, usually appear on the surface of white strip and sticky knife, so product quality can not guarantee, tool life also greatly reduced.

The main reason is: The tool in the operation of the cutting process, not enough cooling caused. The JD-455SA is also equipped with spray and water spraying device, which can be used according to different material requirements.

Take the following approach:

1. The pressure material system is controlled by an independent air pressure cylinder, which adopts the linear rail of special Gantry double Guide column, and the press device is stable.

2. Cooling liquid directly cooling saw blade, improve the life and surface quality of saw, especially for solid materials, coolant recycling, less waste, low cost

3. The pressure material system is controlled by an independent air cylinder and specially equipped with a pressure adjusting system, the pressure material can be adjusted according to the material size and thickness, so as to avoid the thin material being deformed in the pressure.

4, the motor torque should be enough.

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